Thursday, November 25, 2004

Angkor, what?

Oh, New Zealand. I feel you have been cheated. Some day, when I am not running to catch a plane in the bloodless world of airports, I will lustily sing your praises: I will sing of torrents of rainwater cascading down the cliffs of Fjordland; I will sing of cheeky keas vandalising tourists' rental cars; I will sing of hills covered with astonishingly yellow and despised gorse; I will sing of monumental black sand beaches on the coast west of Auckland; I will sing of icy crevasses and crashing waves and verdant gardens and giant extinct birds; I will sing of Olaf, glad and big... no, wait, that's...

Right now I am in Bangkok, but only for a few more hours. In Cambodia I had some of the most sublimely beautiful, deeply awe-inspiring, and gorgeously spooky experiences of my trip and my life. I bicycled around the vast ancient cities of Angkor and climbed the stone megaliths; when the sun went down I got lost in Ta Prohm by moonlight where the walls were covered in the enormous roots of ficus and banyan trees. I'm writing about it at length, and I'll post it here eventually.

For the moment, though, before I go to the airport, I have a couple of important announcements, in case anyone is still reading this. I'm heading home, to various homes, over the next month or so, starting with Montreal, where I plan to stay from the 1st of December until around the 12th. The launch for my second book will happen on the 5th at Casa Del Popolo. I'm coming from Thailand to be there; surely you can come from Clark Street or wherever it is you live now. Details of that will follow by email. I'm also looking for an apartment to rent or sublet for those two weeks, so if anyone knows of a place, email me:

Until London.


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