Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Northern Ireland in the rain/sleet/snow, originally uploaded by Corey Frost.

We drove north in the rain, remembering to drive on the left, and spent a night in Belfast. Took a stroll around Queens University in the rain. Saw the political murals in West Belfast in the rain. Driving up the coast into County Antrim, it was raining. Raining hard. And blowing, and occasionally hailing. The cliffs were being pulled down by the wind and rain, leaving the narrow seaside roads littered with rocks and turf. At one point as we were negotiating the debris a wave crashed against the low stone guardrail and sent a deluge of seawater over our car. It was like being in a cold salty car-wash. At a convenience store we asked the clerk if she knew whether it would clear up tomorrow, and she said it was supposed to snow. Soon after that, we headed over the inland mountains and in no time we were driving through a snowstorm.


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