Monday, April 18, 2005

Transcontinental Flux Schedule

The North American leg of Worldwide Flux is underway.

Transcontinental Flux:

From the sheep-dotted hills of New Zealand and the snow-covered hills of Canada come two lively and unique writer-performers, Genevieve McClean and Corey Frost, who combine theatricality, narrative, and poetry in short bursts of pure mesmerism. Genevieve is a poet and well-known actor, from Auckland. Corey is the author of My Own Devices and The Worthwhile Flux, from Montreal. Separately they have performed around the globe, and now together they are performing in 20 cities across the U.S. and Canada. The show will feature short videos from Canada and New Zealand in addition to performances by Corey, Genevieve, and friendly locals. Coming soon to your city:

Tuesday, April 12: Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY
Friday, April 22: The Escapist, Austin, Texas.
Sunday, April 24: ABQ Radio, Albuquerque
Wednesday, April 27: Ugly Mug Cafe, Orange, California
Thursday, April 28: Anno Domini, San Jose, California
Sunday, May 1: Reading Frenzy, Portland, Oregon
Tuesday, May 3: Solstice Café, Victoria, BC
Wednesday, May 4: Nanaimo, BC
Thursday, May 5: Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Friday, May 6: Kelowna, BC
Saturday, May 7: Calgary, AB
Sunday, May 8: The Melting Pot, Edmonton, AB
Monday, May 9: AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Tuesday, May 10: Dregs Café, Winnipeg, MB
Wednesday, May 11: Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, May 12: Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL
Sunday, May 15: Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
Tuesday, May 17: Sleepless Goat, Kingston, ON
Wednesday, May 18: Mercury Lounge, Ottawa, ON
Thursday, May 19: Pharmacie Esperanza, Montreal, QC

More details will be posted as we drive.
Send us an email: cfrost (at)


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pure mesmerism? as opposed to impure?

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