Monday, January 09, 2006

Communing with nature

We're in Tel Aviv (Holon, actually) right now, but tomorrow we leave for the Dead Sea and then the Negev Desert. We'll be travelling around for a week, so I may not get to post much.

Our second day in the Galilee I had an experience I never thought I'd have: spending the day in a convoy of 4X4 jeeps and trucks doing a little recreational off-roading through densely-populated Israel. It's Avi's favourite hobby. This particular excursion, the details of which I may save for another time, was a tour of kibbutzes and moshavs where we learned about the production of olive oil, mushrooms, passion-fruit liqueur, and glass beads. (Or at least, those of us who could understand Hebrew learned.) Except instead of driving to these places on the perfectly-good paved roads, we drove through the bush and over the mountains. The day ended with dinner at a Bedouin restaurant, not a night in a Bedouin tent as previously suggested. But it was delicious and interesting.


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