Saturday, April 30, 2005

Orange to Valencia

Tomorrow night - Sunday, May 1st - I'll be at Reading Frenzy in Portland, putting on a fun show with Jack Saturn. Right now, I'm sitting at Cafe Trieste in North Beach, San Francisco, around the corner from City Lights Bookstore where we spent an hour browsing and I bought a Jack Kerouac CD to listen to, on the road. The others included in that first-person plural are my beloved friend Karen who is visiting from New York and her friends/temporary roommates Dave and Elisabeth. Not with us this afternoon are Aman and Idan and Maryan, the other friends/roommates whom I want to thank, especially Aman for the barbecue feast last night. Karen also showed me Berkeley and the incredible view from the top of the mountain behind the UC campus. Being here has been a really great respite from the road.

Speaking of the road, it's time to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and drive up the wild west coast before the sun drowns in the Pacific.


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