Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Atlantic to Atlanta

First, the important details: We've got a show scheduled on Friday, April 22 in Austin, Texas, at The Escapist Bookstore, where we'll be performing along with local writers at a big in-store party. It's at 2209 South First Street and the phone number is (512) 912 1777.

The tour really began a week ago (April 12th) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at a show called Hazards of Globalisation on the stage at Galapagos Art Space. Genevieve and I both performed, along with Jane Gabriels, Jon Paul Fiorentino and Daviid McGimpsey from Montreal and other great international guests. It was eclectic and surprising and the crowd had a grand time and more drinks were sold than books, as is usually the case. The next night (April 13th) I read along with 6 other Canadians at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Genevieve and I left New York on Tuesday morning to start the long trip south to states unknown to either of us. We stopped in DC to lock eyes with Lincoln and jest with Jefferson; then we washed our hands of Washington and went on to Richmond, Virginia, North and South Carolinas, and Atlanta, Georgia, whence I write this. As we continue south it gets more and more summery, and our tour vehicle (my much-adored VW (Virginia Woolf) Golf) has no AC. Tomorrow is bayous and New Orleans and many cold drinks I hope.


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