Saturday, April 23, 2005

Atlanta to Austin

On Sunday, April 24th, Transcontinental Flux (Gen and I) will be the guests of south-west spoken-word maven Don McIver on the Spoken Word Hour on WUNM, a cool community radio station broadcasting from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. You can listen in online; just go to this website:

The show is on at 11:30 pm New Mexico time (that's two hours behind Montreal and New York, one hour ahead of L.A. and Vancouver, etc.)

Right now I'm in Austin, Texas, sampling some of what is ostensibly Seattle's Best Coffee. The influence of coffee afficionado Genevieve and the exigencies of 8-hour driving days have caused me to be newly interested in the beverage. We arrived here last night and performed to a select artsy crowd at The Escapist Bookstore and Gallery, a very cool independent space run by Elana Koff and Julianne Sherrod, which unfortunately is shutting down. At the closing party, surrounded by the art of Ron English and Daniel Johnston, we were perhaps the Escapist's last performers in a long and illustrious list of performers.

In the process of getting here, we have seen a lot of blurry Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas landscapes out the car window. On Thursday night we stopped in New Orleans and ate a great little restaurant in the French Quarter. It turned out our chef had been at the same Sonic Youth show after-party that we crashed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the night of our first show at Galapagos.

We are mournful about the lack of air conditioning in the VW, and yet periodically joyful to be cruising down the bug-splattering highways of the swampy south with the windows wide open and Bob Dylan and/or Genevieve whaling away on the harmonica. Tonight we drive west until we fall asleep, and tomorrow we continue to Albuquerque.


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